The Alumax Bullit 540 electro is an undisputed lightweight. Despite the shallow draft of the lightweight aluminum boat, it has excellent sailing characteristics and is incredibly stable. In the winter the Bullit 540 can safely remain in the water and even get frozen if necessary. Aluminum is also resistant to burglary and vandalism. Each bullit that leaves the Alumax workshop is welded. The installation and finishing are pure manually done. A hundred percent dutch excellence. Not a single model is standardly delivered. The production is flexible, allowing us to provide customized products for each client.
Built in the Netherlands
Smooth self-draining floor
Double hull
Front deck with anchor safe
U-bench in the front of the boat with storage space
Steering console with storage space
Rear seat with storage space
Integrated railing bollards
Integrated swimming platforms
Trailer eye on the bow
Anode on the underwater ship
All shutters are equipped with bolts
Hinges and empty sleeves
The entire boat is welded with water resistant aluminum and comes with a owners manual.
Length 5,40 m.
Witdh 2,00 m.
Draft 0,60 m.
Vertical clearance 1,15 m.
Weight 520 KG